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Holistic Guidance

Experience a holistic approach that empowers you to transform mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.


Personalized Coaching

Receive face-to-face coaching via Zoom or Skype, tailored to your unique needs and goals for lasting results.


Proven Techniques

Benefit from time-tested practices like meditation, visualization, and manifestation to manifest real change in your life.

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About Isaac Choejor

Isaac Choejor is a retired Licensed Mental Health Counselor with expertise in Somatic Counseling Psychology and Contemplative Psychology. As a Life Coach, he helps individuals achieve inner transformation through ancient techniques.

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Personalized Coaching

Tailored guidance for personal growth and manifestation.

Virtual Sessions

Online coaching for clients worldwide in the comfort of your home.

Group Workshops

Interactive sessions for collective growth and spiritual development.

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Our Unique Approach

Why Choose Isaac Choejor

Discover what sets me apart and why my coaching is the right choice for your personal transformation journey.

Tailored Transformation
Ancient Wisdom, Modern Results
Global Accessibility, Local Care

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